About Us
Kim Crumpler started training horses in high school.
He ran his own business and successfully showed a
profit! During his college years, he worked for Allen
Blessman and Charlotte Stubblefield. After graduation
from college, Kim enjoyed a brief career as a school
teacher and trained horses as night at Rolling
Meadows Stables in Lemont, Illinois.   For the love of
the sport, Kim has followed his dream and has never
wavered from his desire to train Saddlebreds,
Roadsters, and Hackney Ponies. Combining the love
of teaching with the love of horses, Kim has the best
of both worlds. He is a former Chairman of the UPHA
Equitation Committee and has judged numerous
shows, including Midwest, Illinois State Fair,
Lexington, Rock Creek, Wisconsin Futurity and the
World Championship Horse Show.

There may be no better perspective from which to
learn what a judge seeks in a saddle seat equitation
rider than from one who has judged nearly all of the
major equitation finals at least once and many of them
multiple times. Fran has judged the National Horse
Show in Madison Square Garden, UPHA/American
Royal National Championship, World Championship
Show at the Kentucky State Fair, Morgan Grand
National in Oklahoma City, St. Louis National, Midwest
Charity in Springfield, Illinois, Big D, and Wisconsin
Futurity. Her excellent communication skills have
made her an "instructors instructor".

Both Fran and Kim know equitation is the basis of
good horsemanship. They teach it, not as a goal in and
of itself, but as a means to showing horses to their
best advantage.

Kim and Fran are Registered Judges in Saddleseat
Equitation, Saddle Horses, Hackney/Harness Ponies
and Roadsters. Both have been Judging Clinicians for
USEF since 1986. Fran serves on the USEF Equitation
Committee and is a past Chairman of the UPHA
Equitation Committee in addition to being Co-chair of
the USEF Saddlebred Committee and a member of the
ASHA Pleasure Horse Committee.
Fran and Kim with Mattie
Mattie                  Bernie             Lulu